The parallels are clear between 1975 and 2006 in Lebanon

By: Roni Harb

December 14/06


History repeats itself. That is something often said in different occasions but when it comes to the political and security situation in Lebanon this is obvious.

Most Lebanese do remember the situation around the start of the war back in 1975. Shortly there were a group of Lebanese, mainly left oriented parties and pan Arabist ideologists calling for governmental reforms in the Lebanese state and supporting the armed Palestinian presence in Lebanon. 2 different points, one internal and one external. The Palestinians back then supported by the Assad Baath regime and later on by the Iranian ayatollah regime that would join in the support.


Today in 2006 we are facing a similar situation. We have a few Lebanese parties; many of them are the same as in 1975 plus a few new in the Lebanese political arena supporting the Hezballa party backed by the Syrian Baath regime and the Iranian Ayatollah regime.

Once again they call for reforms in the daylight but under the table everybody knows that it is all about the Syrian and Iranian interest that comes first. For the Syrians to keep the international court away and continue to abuse the Lebanese territories as they like and for the Iranians to keep Lebanon, especially Hezballa in Lebanon as a key card in the struggle against Israel. All that comes first for the Hezballa organization and many of their allies. The reform joke they are fooling a few people with is an old classical method used in many coups to turn around the conditions in a certain country and eventually take power.


We are all hoping that it will not end up like last time with 15 years of war and 30 years of foreign occupations. This time the Lebanese Diaspora is more awake. The UN is supporting the Lebanese government together with the Arab League and the European Union. Inside the parliament the majority is with the government and among the population it is also clear that the case reflect a heavy support.


The UNSCR 1559 came in the end of 2004, 14 years too late, but it came. If it could be implemented all those troubles would be behind the Lebanese people and the sad population could start to plan for a good future.


By: Roni Harb