Lawson Kass Hanna/Distributing Weapons In Zgharta
January 09/08
To the followers of the Syrian agent in Zgharta,
I heard that the Syrian agents in Zgharta are still distributing weapons. I would like to ask the followers of the Syrian agents in Zgharta not to get involved in this war as it will mark their end. If someone convinced you that you will win this war, and actually you can't, the only result would be to open the door again for the thieves of Chekka, lottery, health ministry to go back to the institutions and increase their wealth. as for you, you will stay in the same situation of poverty as it happened in the past when they amassed their wealth. If you lose this war, the result for you would be catastrophic because you will lose your loved ones. As for these thieves ,who used you in the past to make money, will not be affected. they are not in need anymore for Issam Fares and Gilbert Shagouri's help.
they have a lot of money in foreign banks and they can live in luxury at he French Riviera beaches.

Lawson Kass Hanna/ Iranian tactic
January 08/08/To all the Lebanese patriotic people, The axis of evil (Iran and Syria) is facilitating the process for the Arab ministers in order to elect a Lebanese president. they are facilitating with the intention to buy some time and to show the western world that they have good intention in Lebanon. at the same time, they are asking Hezbollah and their allies not to accept any resolution and to keep things moving in a viscous circle. the whole issue is about time. the axis of evil is counting on the time when the western world will be desperate after seeing that the Lebanese people can not resolve their issues. if this works, the western world will have much more interests to deal with Iran to resolve these issues. that's why it is important for the patriotic leaders in Lebanon to have a plan and work only according to this plan. they should not trust any word the axis of evil is saying. the patriotic leaders should have a clear plan on how to protect the Lebanese people and the government. they can not be a reaction.