Canadian-Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement (FPM-Canada)
A Federally-Registered Canadian-Lebanese Non-Profit Association

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Statement for Release

Toronto, June 14, 2006


We commend all our Canadian officials & Security forces for the apprehension of fundamentalist terrorist groups, and for the visible success in foiling their criminal schemes.


Officials of the association “The Canadian-Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement (FPM-Canada)” would like to announce to the members of the Lebanese Canadian community and to others who are concerned with this matter in Lebanon and in the Diaspora, that their association is a non-profit, independent, cultural, social Lebanese Canadian association of Lebanese heritage. It is duly registered with the Federal government and exercises all its activities according to its constitution, internal bylaws and objectives that have been approved by the official Canadian departments.


The objectives of the association are limited to assisting the members of the Lebanese community in Canada culturally, socially, and in preserving their heritage and identity, strengthening the means of maintaining contact with their homeland Lebanon, as well as to cement ties between Lebanon and Canada and their respective peoples at all levels and in all areas.


The officials of the association would like to affirm that they are neither bound by, nor are they committed to, any non-Canadian political groups. The officials of the association coordinate their activities that pertain to their homeland with activists, individuals, groups, institutions, and members of the clergy in Lebanon and in the Diaspora, in a manner that does not, in any way whatsoever, violate Canadian laws and regulations, specifically those laws and regulations on which basis the association obtained its permit from the official Federal Canadian authorities.


The association acts through the clubs and institutions that come together under the umbrella of the Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council (LCCC), and is neither involved with, nor responsible for the practices of, those who use its name according to the framework defined by applicable laws without prior and written consent from its officials. The association shall hold responsible anyone who performs such an action in any form whatsoever and by any means whatsoever, be they individuals or groups, for all the legal consequences in accordance with the criteria defined by the framework of the registration of permits for non-profit associations.


The association declares its absolute and strong support to all security measures carried out recently by the Canadian authorities, particularly in the province of Ontario and in all provinces in general, towards the apprehension of fundamentalist terrorist groups, and to the visible success in foiling their criminal schemes.


The association commends the courage, wisdom, and far-sightedness of all Canadian officials and at all levels, including leaders, security men, intelligence services and others, who participated   in this great endeavor.


Spokesman for the Association

Elias Bejjani


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