The Axis of Evil war against Lebanon

By Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter)


Lebanon must show courage to cure itself from its mortal disease named Hezbollah. The patient must want to live. Anything short of total victory against this aberration of history will mean the continuation of the conflict and suffering for all people.


We need to look straight ahead towards ending this “unwarranted” historical conflict once for all. Going back to the 1948 armistice treaty is not enough .


We need to quickly sign a final peace treaty with Israel and turn our attention to healing our homeland and lift our people. The quicker we end the conflict permanently, the quicker will be Lebanon’s recovery and reconstruction.


A Lebanese Golden age will follow and we shall shine again among the proud and accomplished nations of this planet.


Our recovery is dependent on our courage and vision. The courage to face the problem head-on, and the vision to face the truth, to recognize our true interests and understand that Syria and Iran are the real aggressors against Lebanon. This axis of Evil has declared war on both Lebanon and Israel, and we cannot be neutral in defending ourselves.


The real enemy is the one who is attempting to annihilate our identity. Since 1920, the succeeding Syrian dictatorships have rejected our independence, refused to exchange ambassadors, and conducted numerous economic blockades, wars of aggressions, and assassinations against us. We shall never rest, until this satanic Syrian regime is overthrown then replaced by a democratic and humane Syria.


Today is the historical moment to end this Syrian threat once and for all.


We need to enthusiastically join the peace camp which includes Jordan, Israel, Egypt, and the rest of the world.  We must clearly recognize friend from foe and officially change the “Fighting Doctrine” of the Lebanese Army away from “fighting the Zionist enemy”, to “fighting the Syrian and Iranian enemy regimes”.


Then inform Nasrallah in the same manner he put it to the Lebanese, “whether you like it or not”. Hezbollah is a Syrian/Iranian confection, an agent, a terrorist murder machine, a mafia, a mercenary ideological army, a whore who sold its soul to Regimes of the Dark in black hearted Damascus and Teheran. Hezbollah has only brought death and destruction to our homeland and must be held accountable. If we cannot recognize this simple truth, then we are still quite far from being cured.