Beyond the Disarmament of Hezbollah

By Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter)

August 15\4/06


The battle for the heart and minds of Hezbollah’s constituency requires halting all Hezbollah’s illegal dealings with the popular base. The system of dependency and handouts that Hezbollah used to gain ground among the Shiite masses must be replaced with non-political humanitarian organizations that conduct the social work without political benefits. Allowing Hezbollah to directly continue its social works is tantamount to vote buying among the Shiite poor.


In addition to dismantling Hezbollah’s military structure and the surrender of all its arms, we also need to cut the umbilical cords that feed the beast, they include:










Enough slavery to the Ideologies of Hate which retarded our societies and inflicted great pain on all the region’s citizens. The Lebanese deserve to free themselves from the yoke of ignorance. We cannot simply wait for Israel and the World to solve our problems, we need to at least want to be saved, and express it clearly. It is time to shed away the language of diplomacy with the murderous thugs of Hezbollah and deal with them with a language they understand and preach.


Lebanon shall rise again.