The Birth Pains of Lebanonís Third Republic

Charles Jalkh

July 23/2006


The events in Lebanon have surpassed all past issues such as the Shebaa farms and the National Dialog. All existing political structures and will need to quickly morph and usher a new political age in Lebanon, one that is free from all traces of the Syrian and Iranian cancers embedded in our national body. The Shiite community political power will be downsized to its proper place as another respected Lebanese Ethnic group. Gone are the days of the State within a state.


National Unity as understood in the old order has fallen, and we should not retry failed medicine. The illusion that we can reach an agreement with Hezbollah and Amal has totally dissipated. Mental clarity must be realized in courage, and the national decisive decision has to be taken. As Lebanese we have to decide; either we are with the terrorists or we are against them. We cannot be bystanders.


The new Lebanese order yet to emerge from this war must ban/exclude Hezbollah and Amal from the political system as outlaw terrorist organizations. Because it contains Hezbollah and Amal members paralyzing its decisions, the Seniroa government need to immediately resign to be immediately replaced by a new government 100% Lebanese and which excludes the terrorists. All Hezbollah and Amal leaderships need to be arrested and tried for treason, loss of life/property, and endangering Lebanon. Full responsibility must be assigned to these two terrorist organizations. A new early election excluding the participation of Hezbollah and Amal should yield a new moderate Shiite political class which will thrive in peace under the laws of the land in the democratic system.


All Syriaís allies in Lebanon should also be targeted. We need to topple the old order where Syrian-appointed public figures constantly sabotaged our political process and committed treason against our nation. The current puppet president Lahoud, the Parliament speaker Berri, and Defense Minister Murr, all declared that the Lebanese Army will enter the war. These Syrian puppets should be arrested for treason against the nation. Their decision to slaughter the Lebanese army is criminal.  It is obvious that Syria and Iran intend to fights Israel until the last Lebanese. The Lebanese army and the security services will also need to be cleansed and all agents of the Axis of Evil neutralized.


No nation in the world permits political groups whose charter calls for the elimination of the nation and merging it with another, or to form a state within a state. The Syrian National Social Party and Baath parties should be banned. Any and all or Syrian/Iranian political and media infrastructures should be dismantled/ceased. All economic activity/entities that are used by the axis of Evil should be confiscated. Financial and bank accounts for Hezbolla, Amal, as well as any Syrian/Iranian government deposits in Lebanese banks should be blocked and subjected to future lawsuits and damage claims by Lebanese.


The new Third Republic will be erected as a modern and democratic Lebanon. Lebanon shall rise again. Freedom shall defeat fear.