Five birds with one stone
By: Charles Jalkh/Freedom Fighter

October 4/07

It is not shooting the birds, rather saving them. The five birds to save are Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey. The stone is Syria, this filthy black hearted dictatorship who has been spilling rivers of blood in the Middle East for the last 30 years. The Syrian Assad regime, sometimes authorized by the US, other times “admired” by the likes of Israel’s PM Olmert, has sabotaged all efforts for peace in the Middle East, and is now a staunch ally of Iran, the Beast of the axis of evil.
Syria’s Assad clan has occupied and murdered in Lebanon for 30 years and still does.

It sent chemical terrorists to Jordan. It harbors Hamas terrorist leaders and engineered the coup d’état against the Palestinian authority. It supported Kurdish separatists terrorizing Turkey. It has also been the conduit and training ground for Al-Kaeda terrorists killing Iraqis ad Americans in Iraq. Why the world still tolerates this filthy regime is beyond any reason. It is outright cowardness to say the least.

Humanity needs a regime change in Syria. This should have occurred before Iraq’s. It was more urgent and could have had a larger positive multiplier effect. Unfortunately, the US foreign policy decision makers thought Syria was too far from the oil fields of Arabia as a threat and covertly sufficiently cooperative, therefore less urgent of a threat. Years of such dark chambers diplomacy have resulted in thousands of American casualties. The Syrian dictatorship should have been overthrown prior to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, who was relatively harmless despite his proximity to the world main energy zones.

The Syrian Assad Dictatorship has been murdering the Lebanese freely for two years now since the rise of the Cedars revolution which kicked its occupation troops out of the country. Just yesterday, 150 forest fires simultaneously erupted in Lebanon at night, and in a season never known to witness fires, and with cool temperatures. Who’s done it? It is Syria of course.

The low life criminals Assef Shawkat and Bashar Assad have already shown their true faces to the world. They have murdered the Lebanese for 30 years, murdered Mufti Hassan Khaled, Riad Taha, Salim Lawzi, Kamal Jumblat, Bashir Gemayel, Rene Mouawad, Rafiq Hariri, Bassel Fleihan, Samir Kassir, Gebran Tueni, George Hawi, Pierre Gemayel, Walid Eido, Antoine Ghanem, and maimed Marwan Hamade and May Chediac. It is a shame that the world community is still waiting on that regime for a behavior change. Under the circumstances it is pure cowardice. What is the world waiting for? More Lebanese blood to be spilled? There will be no peace in this dammed Middle East until the Syrian Falsadoom regime is crushed. The liberation of Syria will push Iran one thousand kilometers away from the Middle East conflict, back to its own borders, thus allowing the region’s people to make peace once for all.

It is imperative for Middle East peace, to overthrow the current Assad regime. The world should not fear anarchy a-la-Iraq. Rather anarchy will disappear with the fall of the Syrian dictatorship who is its source, it instigator, and its conduit. The Syrian people may have difficulties figuring out the future of their country, and may divide it along ethnic lines, but at least they will be busy with each others and leave their neighbors in peace.