Israel is the Alternate Trade Route

By: Freedom Fighter

July 13/2005


The slow cooker of history ultimately leads nations to major course corrections. The Syrian war of aggression against Lebanon has been cooking on slow and sometimes intense fire since 1921, the year of Great Lebanon.


For decades, the Syrian dictatorships imposed economic blockades against Lebanon suffocating our economic lifeline with the Arab markets. Yet Lebanon remained loyal to the Arab causes through a dumb war blockade of Israel. This process has continued for so long that it became a second nature. In this particular case, the Lebanese buried their instinct for creative solutions under the Arab self-destruct instinct. 50 years of indoctrination and political programming made oblivious to us the obvious solution to the recurrent Syrian blockade. We DO have a second trade route with the Arab world. It is South, via Israel, through Jordan, a nation in peace and open borders with Israel, then out to the rest of the Arabian Gulf.


This “new” trade route however must be earned. First we Lebanese, all of us, must cleanse our minds and hearts from the hatred programming of the last 50 years. We must expand our understanding of humanity and human fellowship beyond everything we have known. We must embrace all human beings regardless of race, color, religions, gender, ethnic, or national origins. It starts by respecting ourselves, our neighbor, our village, our town, and All the various ethnic groups our nation is composed of. It concludes with accepting our Israeli, and Arab neighbors. This however, must happen at a lightning speed. It is the pre-requisite for neighborly and friendly relations. Syria’s so-called “brotherly” example is the wrong example. We must set the new example. We must reach out and Ask for peace from our Israeli neighbor. We must control our border, protect against any possible terrorist infiltration, respect the Israeli citizen, and then we can see our trucks travel to our markets.


But the real issue is not just trade, it is Humanism. We must rediscover humanistic compassion. We must forget the doctrines of hatred, mass-programming, and wars. We must embrace our common humanity with all people; Jews, Christians, Moslems, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais.. on, and on, all religions, all faiths, all believes, all life forms.


May God Bless our beloved Lebanon, and all its Children. May we all join hands and hearts, not in hatred but love, not wars of Liberation but Self-Liberation, not class struggle but social harmony, not selfish materialism but selfless Greenism. Liberate not occupied Shebaa, rather liberate the enslaved human being. Enough waste of human energies. Let us rebuild our true homeland; Planet Earth!


Love is the fastest way to Peace.

Long Live Free Lebanon