This is the final surgery to extract the cancer ‎named Hezbollah from our homeland, Lebanon
By: Charles Jalkh
July 21.06

In the seventies, Palestinian terrorists used to hijack a plane and take couple hundred people hostages ‎and shock the world. On July ‎‏13‏‎, Hezbollah took ‎‏3‏‎ million Lebanese hostages and pushed them into an ‎inferno. He brought ‎‏6‏‎ billion humans one step closer to their third world war. This is the largest act of ‎terrorism in history. This is a weapon of mass destruction that has been used. Hezbollah leader Hassan ‎Nassrallah has earned his place in the trash bin of human history. His name will be engraved for ever ‎next to Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan down there in the demons underworld.‎

Nassrallah cowardly struck the Lebanese people in the back, and shamelessly declared on his TV ‎station, that the “war is here whether the Lebanese accept or refuse it”. Such arrogance! Such complete ‎disregard of the basic human norms of decency! All Lebanese groups had urged and negotiated ‎tirelessly with Hezbollah for ‎‏15‏‎ months offering creative scenarios to convince Hezbollah to integrate ‎in the Lebanese society as full and respected citizenry under the laws the nation but they refused ‎obstinately and finally declared a total war on Lebanon and Israel, to serve their black hearted masters ‎in Damascus and Teheran. ‎

There is a different spirit in the air nowadays among the world public opinions. All nations are united ‎in condemning Hezbollah’s war, including the vast majority of the Arab League, all except Syria and ‎Iran. The Israeli public is also solemnly united and determined to permanently erase Hezbollah from ‎existence as we know it today. I, as a Free Lebanese, also full heartedly support the full and ‎unconditional surrender of Hezbollah which must be dismantled immediately. Other Lebanese ‎however, are not yet voicing their opinions clearly. They lived as hostages under ‎‏30‏‎ years of Syrian ‎instigated wars and became free just last year.

But I predict that as the days pass, and as Hezbollah’s ‎military strength dwindles down towards ‎‏10‏‎ or ‎‏5‏‎ percent of its former strength, more Lebanese voices ‎shall rise with greater clarity to explicitly condemn Hezbollah’s actions and even take action against it. ‎The arrest and trials of all Hezbollah leadership for crimes against humanity is now a very strong ‎possibility.

The critical element here is that the world community should not backup from complete ‎victory against Hezbollah thus leaving the Lebanese alone and exposed to the wrath of Hezbollah, ‎Syria, and Iran. In ‎‏1982‏‎, the world committed that mistake by ending the fight with the Syrian regime ‎standing, thus giving it a second chance to create Hezbollah and continue its mischief. This time ‎around, the civilized world must finish the job, and crush the Assad Dictatorship, free the Syrian ‎people, then confine Iran back to its own borders, and then Middle East peace will be established. ‎

There will be lots of work ahead. The Lebanese Shiites will need to be de-programmed from decades ‎of Syrian/Iranian indoctrination. They need to be brought into their proper and respected role in ‎Lebanese society equal under the law of the land. The current materiel, emotional, and psychological ‎pain inflicted on half a million Shiites refugees in Lebanon is a form of collective incentive to ‎associate Hezbollah with their pain. A tragic Cause and Effect.‎

The rest of the Lebanese; the Druze, Sunnites, and Christians, and many patriot Shiites as well, are ‎clear minded about our Lebanese distinct identity, our independence, our cherished freedoms, and we ‎are all united under the Cedars Revolution. We all support the International community in its decision ‎to disband Hezbollah.‎

We must answer the call to courage, launched by Israel’s UN Ambassador to join forces and rid ‎ourselves of a common, deadly, and savage enemy. This is the final surgery to extract the cancer ‎named Hezbollah from our homeland.‎

Lebanon has been destroyed many times before and we Lebanese have rebuilt Her, and shall rise again. ‎
There is unbearable pain, but I am confident that after this crisis, Lebanon shall rise up again and ‎‏100‏‎ ‎years Golden Age of peace and prosperity shall follow. ‎