Building Up the Puzzle, Bashar Asaad From a Doctor to a Dictator

By: Nicolas Hanhan

March 13/2005


The assassination of Lebanese Ex-Prime Minister Rafiq Harrir on Feb. 14 2005 became a puzzle that the world is trying to solve for the prime minister had a very high-complicated protection. Syrian dictatorship regime is the major suspect that came to the world mind minutes after the bomb loaded.

In his speech to the Syrian parliament the 39-year-old eye doctor Bashar Assad said that it’s strange that the only accused side in Harrir’s assassination is Syria! This surprise will die out, if we look to several incidents that took place before and after the assassination making from the Syrian occupation the only suspect.

Syria accused the Prime Minister in being behind the success of the U.N resolution 1559 that demands a full Syrian withdrawal from the Lebanese territory. Several days before the assassination, Lebanese Pro-Syrian Prime Minister Omar karimi promised the opposition and the supporters of 1959 to await a big surprise during the coming 48 hours! Unexpectedly, the assassination incident came to complement the surprise that Karami mentioned?

Legislator Marwan Hamedeh, an opposition figure who had survived an assassination attempt last year, addressed the parliament openly accusing Karami appointed government of only acting when it receives orders from Syria’s military intelligence chief in Lebanon Brig Rustom Ghazeleh.

President Assad declared several times before, that Ghazelleh is his personal representative in Lebanon. Did the representative fall short in his post or did he wrap the killing of Rafiq Harriri?

In his speech Assaad emphasizes the accomplishment of the Taef agreement declaring a pull out of the Syrian army to the Bekaa valley than to ther Syrian border. Taef agreement was prohibited during the past years according to Marwan Hamedeh, after winning the elections in 2000, Harrir revoked a line from his new government address to the parliament that Hamad wrote about Taef agreement giving him a fundamental reason “ Do you want us to be killed Marwan?” 

The eye doctor is toady seen as a dictator who is governing Lebanon, during hafez Assad rule we were able to discuss and change issues but with the new regime every thing is by orders from the Syrian intelligence in anajar Hamedeh points out.

A Piece of the puzzle is build, several media sources revealed the news about a meeting between Hariri and Asaad before the renewal of Emile lahoud period, Assaad told Harriri I am the only person who appoints the Lebanese President. Several months ago Hariri declared that he would break his hand and not sign the renewal law of Pro-Syrian president Emile Lahoud term. Fortuitously Hariri was seen on television with a broken arm after Lahoud reappointment. 

Assam Kansou a tough baathist official promised to cut the heads of the opposition in Lebanon after Hariri Assassination, Kanssau asked Walid Jumblat the Druze leader to remember the murder of his father back in 2000 when Jumblat requested a truthful relationship from a state to state between Lebanon and Syria! That is the way a doctor acts!

In an interview with Al-Jazeera television Khaled Agha a mysterious intelligence pro-Syrian figure who had military activities during the war uncovered a letter sent to Saudi Arabia, Agha promises in his letter to use legal and illegal weapon in order to fight the kingdom and it’s tools in Lebanon? Was the assassination of Rafiq Harriri an illegal weapon used against Saudi Arabia?

 The Syrian regime is well known to profit from several assassinations that happened in Lebanese history especially that of Kamal Jumblatt, the Druze leader in 1977 and Bashir Gemeyal, the elected president in 1982.  Syria may look hurt in the short run, blaming Israel for the assassination but in long term Syria was the only beneficial from elimination of a certain political figures for example the assassination of president Renie Mouwad in 1990.

Assaad warned the Lebanese people from returning to days of the eighties and the seventies when the Lebanese soil was the place for assassinations and shelling, asking his allies to prepare for a fight against what he called a new May 17 accord with Israel.   

The Syrian dictatorship governed Lebanon for years interfering in every aspect of the Lebanese daily life, the Syrian bare the responsibility of the assassination of Prime Minister Hariri if not actually than politically. “I accuse not only the Cabinet, but the government and the regime of facilitating the killing of Rafiq Hariri. In the name of the Lebanese People we will take to court, when we shall drag you to stand trial like Slobodan Milosevic”. Hamedeh declared during his true stand in the Lebanese parliament asking Nabih Berri, the speaker of the Lebanese parliament not to revoke any word from his statement for it was written by blood not ink!

The Lebanese regime takes his orders from Syria so the doctor should not be surprised that his dictatorship is the only suspect. In a demonstration against the Syrian occupation, a catchphrase writes asking the dictator:”who’s next”! The puzzle if not solved, it is the Syrian occupiers who have the last piece of it.