Hezbollah terrorists entering US through Mexican border; Obama ignores evidence

November 29th, 2010 3:57

Hezbollah terrorists are entering the US through the Mexican border, yet the Obama Administration ignores the evidence. Americans should now not only be vigilant against illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico (and bringing with them all their lovely crime, diseases and salary depreciation). They should also be vigilant against a second headache that is piggybacking its way into the US through the underground tunnels that drug cartels normally use to gain entry into the US.

According to a congresswoman who has seen evidence from the Drug Enforcement Agency, this additional problem of the porous US-Mexican border is a worrisome reality that the Obama Administration is completely in denial about.

Sue Myrick is a GOP congresswoman out of North Carolina and also a member of the House Intelligence Committee, and she has been trying to get a task force set up to deal with the invading Hezbollah terrorists through the southern border for months, only to have Obama’s Homeland Security Department either refuse to answer her letters on the issue, or totally deny it. However, it is indisputable that such terrorist infiltration into the US is occurring, since a New York district attorney actually handed down an indictment on August 30th of this year regarding an arms-for-drugs deal that was initiated. It involved the trading of cocaine that came from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) that was to be exchanged for many weapons, which a Hezbollah agent in Mexico was housing.

On a weekend segment of "Huckabee" that was actually informative, Myrick further says that the conspiracy between Mexican drug cartels and terrorists like Hezbollah is only a natural evolution from the fact that both organizations want to bring weapons and the like into the US. What makes the infiltration of Hezbollah so fluid is the existence and use of the drug tunnels that are continually being dug and are also quite sophisticated, which exist underground and run from Mexico to the US.

This makes a lot of sense when you consider that Hezbollah is actually an expert in building these kinds of tunnels—over in the Middle East! The point is that the drug tunnels that the Mexican cartels use are actually not their own, original idea, but merely a copy of the Islamic terrorists’ design that they’ve been using against Israel for years.

Another panelist on the show, Deputy Speaker of Israel’s Knesset, Danny Danon, actually revealed that there are currently training camps of Hezbollah terrorists being trained by Iran, and these camps are located along the border of Columbia and Venezuela! The Islamic terrorists have penetrated into South America with ease, and they have chosen this location as a strategic launching point to give them a direct entry into the US! Yet despite all this evidence and firsthand testimony, the Obama Administration is dismissing another important national security issue.

Isn’t it almost miraculous that the US hasn’t been attacked yet when there is a clear and present danger of Islamic terrorists basically amassing just south of the US? According to Myrick and others in the know, this threat is not overseas anymore—it’s basically knocking on the back door of the US! While that is shocking, primarily since the liberal media is covering it up to help Obama out, what is more shocking is how dismissive and disinterested the Obama Administration is on this. That seems like a self-destructive policy only promoting attacks on the US homeland instead of preemptively heading them off.

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