Lebanese Sunni Mufti Al-Jouzo: Hezbollah Resorts to Mafia Tactics to Impose its Will
December 25, 2006 – Agencies.-(Translated from Arabic)

The Sunni Mufti of Mount Lebanon Province, Sheikh Mohammad Ali Al-Jouzo, issued the following statement:

Save Lebanon from the Mafia. Save Lebanon from those who are acting to hijack Lebanon and place it under the control and influence of Iran and Syria. Save Lebanon from those who are serving Israel and America by spreading constructive chaos on the soil of Lebanon. Since kidnapping the two Israeli soldiers, Lebanon has become hijacked to the benefit of the Iranian-Syrian forces that have sowed destruction, economic collapse and social, political and moral perdition in the land of Lebanon.

The Syrian influence is represented by the Head of State who continues to obstruct the State’s institutions, including Parliament, and who is acting to obstruct the government to the point of complete paralysis. Isn’t that the method of the Mafia? Under the slogan of national unity, they strike at that unity by exploiting it for sectarian purposes, as they dealt a blow to Islamic unity by using it as a slogan for their sectarian practices. Under the slogan of a national unity government, they attacked national unity and divided and tore apart the Lebanese people. They incited for sectarian and religious strife, and they want to deal a fatal blow to the International Court by voiding it of its legal and judicial substance in order to save the Syrian and Lebanese big wigs who carried out the assassination of Premier Hariri.

Save Lebanon from the Mafia. Hezbollah is resorting to Mafia-style methods to impose its will on the Lebanese people. For one and a half year, Hezbollah was an essential partner in the government that resulted from a national consensus and national unity. Hezbollah has today turned against the government and created a huge problem for the country under the pretense of a new national unity government.

Today they issue threats of closing the road to the airport, the road to the harbor, and civil disobedience, and here the issue tramples the laws that allow demonstrations to strike at Lebanon and carry out a coup against the State. Therefore, the State must act as the State in the fullest sense of the word, and the Army must play its role to prevent the coup that the Mafia is scheming in Lebanon.