Aoun tows Syrian line
By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

December 08/07

Kuwait: THOSE who have closely monitored statements issued by Lebanese MP Michel Aoun, especially over the past few days about Lebanese Christians, and a statement by his parliamentary bloc will realize he is towing the Syrian-Iranian line that could propel him to the presidential palace.

He will neither look back nor refrain, at any cost, from agreeing with Syria — whom until yesterday he considered his enemy. Overnight he has become a friend of Syria and the latter his master and the master of his March Eight Group — on issues of Lebanon. This signals the birth of the Al-Baath Party — the ruling party of Syria.

Aoun and his group, after getting support from the Syria-Iran alliance wants to divide the people of Lebanon. If Aoun reaches the presidential palace he will do exactly what his predecessor did — take instructions from foreign parties. The majority of the Members of Parliament and the people were unable to do anything after the former president blocked their moves in the government and the Speaker of the Parliament dissolved the Parliament.
The Syria-Iran loyalists resigned from the government putting in doubt the legitimacy of the government and leading the country on the path to destruction by going to war with Israel in July 2006.

They tried to paint their mistakes — death of scores of people and destruction of government property — with rosy pictures but did not succeed.
The Syria-Iran alliance attempted to win the presidency and came quite close to a victory after Emil Lahoud was asked to form another government in place of the government of Fuad Siniora after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah called on Lahoud to take steps to save the country — which could be done by only forming a new government.

But Lahoud was afraid of carrying out the orders of the alliance because he was afraid of the mistakes he had committed during his tenure and instead decided to declare emergency rule. Lahoud left and Aoun and Nasrallah and their alliance lost the game and they tried in vain to resort to the Constitution to get back in power.
It was an embarrassment after the March Eight Group lost and the chief of the army staff Major-General Suleiman was nominated for the presidency. This totally destroyed any hopes for Aoun to take the presidency because Suleiman is well-known for his patriotism and trustworthiness and does not accept foreign dictates. He is not like Lahoud and will not allow any party to deal with him like they did with Lahoud. Suleiman has said he will not compromise his authority which will be given to him by the Constitution. He also said he will consider everyone equal because for him no one is above the law.

After Aoun was left out in the cold, ‘people’ set conditions for the nomination of Suleiman as president because they favored creating a presidential vacuum. The fact is they want the Cabinet to split before a president is nominated to secure their interests in the government which is completely against the Constitution and democratic practices.

The opposition began a political struggle under the title ‘One Basket for Political Solutions’. We believe even if we put all our problems in one basket, the opposition will surely come up with other demands and will want all apples to be put in their basket and continue to disturb political stability in the country.
The Iranian dictators will not succeed because they have always put Lebanon in a dangerous spot. When the people of Lebanon become aware of such developments and people begin to take revenge on those who have always caused problems for them for decades, this move will ensure that injustice has ended forever.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times