Eight Major Canadian Lebanese Community Organizations Congratulate President George Bush for his Re-election

November 4/2004

Dear President George Bush,
On behalf of the eight major organizations listed below, representing the Lebanese-Canadian community, we warmly extend our heartfelt congratulations for the historic victory you achieved.

We are confident that the millions of Americans who voted for you have indeed renewed the mandate of placing their trust in your wise, straightforward and courageous policies in
confronting terrorism, fanaticism, fundamentalism and the dictatorships in the Middle East.

We also hail the unrelenting efforts of our brothers and sisters of the Lebanese-American community who supported your bid for re-election. Like us, they remain vocal in defending and promoting your leadership in the fearless fight against terrorism,
religious fundamentalism, poverty and human rights abuses in those parts of the world where the threat to the free world remains.

Mr. President, our organizations are convinced that your genuine commitment to a democratic and peaceful world that is free from terrorists and terrorism will greatly benefit the oppressed Lebanese people and put an end to the savage Syrian occupation of their country.

We support your administration's determination to pursue by all means necessary the
immediate and unconditional implementation of UN Resolution 1559.

Mr. President, your victory is a victory for our beloved Canada, and for our people's freedom and prosperity.

May God Bless Canada
And May God Bless America

William Kazzi /Kataeb-Lf, Canada
George Chamoun/ Action For Lebanon, Canada
Robert Hanna/Council Of the Lebanese Canadian Organizations, Canada. (COLCO)
Charbel Barakat/The World Lebanese Organization, Canada (WLO)
Edmond El Chidiac/The Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation, Canada (CLHRF)
Camille Saade/ The Phoenician Club of Mississauga (PCM)
Camille Bhersafi/ Canadian Phoenician Community Services Club (CPCSC)
Elias Bejjani/The Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council,  (LCCC)