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September 11/08

Call to Support Mr. Robert Dechert

We, the undersigned, Elias Bejjani - Chairman of the LCCC, Charbel Barakat - Political Advisor of the LCCC, call on our Council's members and supporters in the Mississauga-Erindale constituency, to seriously consider supporting the platform of the conservative nominee Robert Dechert in the upcoming Federal parliamentary elections in October.

Mr. Dechert is renowned for his solid stances in regards a strong and free Canada, fighting corruption, and a strong foreign policy who's aim is to combat global terrorism and promote and support global freedom and democracy.

Mr. Dechert is also know for his unwavering support of Lebanon's cause of freedom, sovereignty and independence, something we here and the LCCC support and advocate.

Most importantly, Mr. Dechert shares with the LCCC a strong commitment to upholding all basic human rights, support of core traditional family values, equality and freedom of expression.

We call on you to support his candidacy.

Chairman Elias Bejjani,
Political Advisor Charbel Barakat