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For Immediate Release

To: The Honorable Minister of Immigration Mr. Jason Kenney
Re: Banning of the British MP, George Galloway from entering Canada

In my capacity as Chairman for the Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council (LCCC), and on behalf of the Lebanese-Canadian Community members who fully share our Council's peaceful aims and objectives, love for Canada, commitment for safeguarding and defending freedom and democracy, honoring of  the rule of law, tolerance, diversity and the acceptance of others, I strongly hail and applaud, the courage, wisdom, and decisiveness that was exhibited by The Honorable Minister of Immigration Mr. Jason Kenney, in banning the British MP George Galloway from entering Canada

Thank you, Mr. Kenney, for declaring loudly and strongly Canada's firm stance against those individuals who encourage, adopt, advocate for, finance, or support by any means terrorists and terror organizations.

Thank you for saying a big NO to the British MP, George Galloway who openly and publicly expresses sympathy for the Taliban cause in Afghanistan,  advocates for several terrorist groups, and who last week publicly called for a coup d'etat in Egypt, and the overthrow of the government there, while at the same time delivering aid and resources to Hamas, which is a banned illegal terrorist organization in Canada.

Thanks for saying clearly and loudly: "I believe folks that are supporting and promoting and helping terrorist organizations are not needed to visit Canada."

The LCCC greatly appreciates and strongly supports the Canadian government for its explicit stances and prompt actions it takes against individuals and organizations who glorify terrorism, and promote hatred like Mr. Galloway, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, we call on the Canadian government to amend its Anti-Terrorism Act and fix all the legal ambiguities that might allow for the open glorification of terrorism like posting, carrying and distributing terrorist groups' logos, flags or literature.

The LCCC extends its gratitude for the Canadian Government for its continuous, strong and effective support to the sovereignty, independence and freedom of Lebanon.

For the LCCC
Elias Bejjani