Did They Learn the Lesson?
By: Nabil Dalle

Michael Young commenting in the Daily Star on the Metn elections,called the opposition victory a minor revolution.Whereas Gebran Tueini of An-Nahar called it the people's uprising against the current System. Call it what you wish , the fact remains that the 2nd of June victory of the opposition proved that despite all the atrocities inflicted on them since 1990, the free patriotic Lebanese are still alive and kicking. The resistance movement resurfaced once again with the victory of Gabriel Murr.

Since 1990 and for the first time and after the illegal implementation of the " Taef Accord ", this spontaneous joining of forces among the opposition and resistance movements translated into a victory over Syria's tacit nominee Myrna Murr. Among other prominent opposition leaders, Nassib Lahoud and ex -president Amin Gemayel joined forces in this political confrontation . This election victory proves that not only the resistance on the ground and the fight for Lebanon's sovereignty and independence is alive and well, but also the Diaspora is very effective.The victory also proves that imposed puppets such as the Pakradonis, Maleks and the likes are becoming irrelevant..

The same applies to Michel Murr, Elias Murr and sister Mirna as well as the father in-Law President Emile Lahoud. Hopefully this electrical shock will bring them back to their senses and would realize that their political days are counted.

In Metn, the virtues of justice, sovereignty, independence and freedom prevailed. Gabriel murr won the voters' confidence in Metn because he represented their hopes, aspirations and patriotic ambitions. Although Gabriel Murr won, the real winners though was the Metn electorate who broke its silence and witnessed for the Truth. they carried high the Lebanese flag and said to the puppets ,NO, NO, NO, no more forgery, you will not be allowed ever to forge our will.

The actual winners in the Metn referendum were those leaders who believed in Sheikh Bashir's vision and in his 10452square kilometers' doctrine. General Aoun, Samir Geagea, Dory Chamoun , Solange Bashir Gemayel, Joseph Jebeili and many others who raised their voices loudly and supported Gabriel Murr. Even George Hawi, former communist leader did not hesitate in joining the resistance coalition as well as many other dignitaries and groups.

The Metn election proved to be a contest between conflicting and opposing forces: Good against evil, patriotism against treason.  Lebanese particular identity against Arabism generalities, heroism against treason etc... It was a confrontation of wills between the occupier and the occupied. Lebanon's sovereignty, entity,freedom, tolerance, faith and deep rooted values were victorious.

The Metn confrontation spells the beginning of the end for those who betrayed Lebanon and showed lack of respect for the memory of its Martyrs. God bless our people who are enduring the occupation in our country and carrying courageously Bashir' torch for a Free and sovereign Lebanon. God bless the courage and determination of whoever voted for our just cause and defeated the proxies in Lebanon of the Syrian Regime.

With God's will, the Metn confrontation will serve as an example to be followed in all the other local and regional future elections in Lebanon . Free Lebanon will say no to the puppets and the occupiers.

Long live Lebanon's Resistance
Long live free Lebanon