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English Opinions & Editorials posted on this site for the last few months

Gaza Public Rejects Hamas, Wants Ceasefire/By: David Pollock/Washington Institute/July 17/14
Gazans are most scared of Hamas than the IDF/By: Ron Ben-Yishai//Ynetnews/July 17/14
On atrocities in Syria and Gaza/By: Diana Moukalled/Al Arabiya/July 17/14
The Circle of Chaos/By: Ali Ibrahim/Asharq Al Awsat/July 17/14
Saving Iraqi Turkmens Is a Win-Win-Win/By: Michael Knights/Washington Institute/July 17/14
Sisi's Egypt and the Gaza Conflict/By: Eric Trager/Washington Institute/July 14, 2014

A Relic of the Past/By: Abdulrahman Al-Rashed/Asharq Alawsat/July 16/14
Hamas Wants to Die/By: David P. Goldman/PJ Media/July 16/14
Don’t Put Terrorists on Trial/By Daniel Pipes/National Review Online/July 16/14

The significance of Izzat al-Douri and the Ba’ath Party/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/July 15/14
Taking hi-tech steps to root out the ISIS threat/By: Jamal Khashoggi/Al Arabiya/July 15/14
Iran’s nuke deal: Don’t expect any last-minute game changers/By: Camelia Entekhabi-Fard/Al Arabiya/July 15/14
Arab Sunnis Must Confront ISIS/By: Tariq Alhomayed/Asharq Alawsat/July 15/14
A difficult phase for Iran’s nuclear and regional ambitions/By: Raghida Dergham/Al Arabiya/July 14/14
ISIS is not bad news/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/July 14/14
ISIS and the potential for toxic warfare/By: Dr. Theodore Karasik/Al Arabiya/July 14/14
Palestinian resistance, the necessity of three fronts/By: Linah Alsaafin/Open Democracy/July 14/14
The security dilemma, the media and the Israeli bombardment/By: Gilbert Ramsay/Open Democracy/July 14/14

Why Does Hamas Want War/By Daniel Pipes/July 13/14
What is Israel's role in the end times/ 13/14
As Israel-Palestine descends into violence, what should Europe do/Nathalie Tocci/July 13/14
Of wrath, recklessness, soccer and apathy/By: Hisham Melhem/Al Arabiya/July 13/14

Gaza Air Strikes Are a Necessary Show of Force for Israel/By: Michael Herzog/Guardian/July 12/14
A Difficult Phase for Iran’s Nuclear and Regional Ambitions/By: Raghida Dergham/July 12/14
The Storming of Baghdad/By: Wafiq Al-Samarrai/Asharq Al Awsat/July 12/14
Barzani Flying a Kite/By: Amir Taheri/Asharq Alawsat/July 12/14
The New Jihad/By Margaret Coker/The Wall Street Journal/July 12/14
When the Fires Threaten the Arsonists/By: Eyad Abu Shakra/Asharq Al Awsat/July 11/14
The mistake of supporting Islamic groups in Syria/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/July 11/14
PA and Other Arab Reactions to the Gaza Crisis/By: David Pollock/Washington Institute/July 11/14
The Next Steps after an Iranian Nuclear Deal/By: Seyed Hossein Mousavian/Asharq Alawsat/ July 11/14
A new phase in the war on terror /By: Tariq Alhomayed/Asharq Alawsat/July 10/14

What did we do wrong? Looking inwards to explain ISIS’ rise/By: Jamal Khashoggi/Al Arabiya/July 10/14
It’s time to remember Syria’s kidnapped activists/By: Diana Moukalled/Al Arabiya/July 10/14
A new Osama Bin Laden/By: Abdulrahman Al-Rashed/Asharq Alawsat/July 10/14

It's in our hands to put an end to bloodshed/By: Shimon Peres, Reuven Rivlin/July 09/14
Qassem Suleimani has brought Iran much grief/By: David Ignatius| The Daily Star/July 09/14
Will ISIS unite Tehran and Riyadh/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/July 09/14

Instead of celebrating independence, let’s pause/By: Octavia Nasr/Al Arabiya/July 09/14
Could Lebanon’s Vatican ambassador be the next president/By: Hassan Lakkis/The Daily Star/July 08/14
Kuwait stands on a precipice facing the ‘Islamic Caliphate’/By: Dr. Theodore Karasik/Al Arabiya/July 08/14
Iran’s most crucial three weeks in 30 years/By: Camelia Entekhabi-Fard/Al Arabiya/July 08/14

ISIS has reshuffled the regional cards/By: Huda Al Husseini/Asharq Alawsat/July 07/14
Bin Laden is dead, Long Live al-Baghdadi/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/July 07/14
Shifting the balance of power in Syria and Iraq/By: Raghida Dergham/Al Arabiya/ July 07/14
Did U.S. policies lead to Baghdadi’s Caliphate/Bakir Oweida/Al Arabiya/July 07/14
How should a Christian respond to unanswered prayer/ 06/14
Ode to America/By: Hisham Melhem/Al Arabiya/July 06/14
S.Lebanon’s Christian edifices scrutinized by Elie Abi Nassif/By:Chirine Lahoud/The Daily Star/July 06/14

The political implications of ISIS’s Caliphate/By: Eyad Abu Shakra/Al Arabiya/ July 06/14
Watching the Aoun movie while we wait/By: Michael Young| The Daily Star/July 05/14
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's Message as Caliph/By: Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi/Gatestone Institute/July 05/14
A Need for a Shift in the Balance of Power in Syria and Iraq/By: Raghida Dergham/July 045/14
The New Iraq: An Islamic State with No Christians/By: Todd Daniels/ICC/July 05/14
The Political Implications of ISIS’s Caliphate/By: Eyad Abu Shakra/July 05/14
Holding up Iraq before it breaks down/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Asharq Al Awsat/July 05/14

The Lost Spring: U.S. Policy in the Middle East/by Walid Phares/July 04/14
ISIS’ Baghdadi is no Osama bin Laden… yet/By:Joyce Karam/Al Arabiya/July 04/14
Send them to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s state/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/July 04/14
The Egyptian president’s three challenges/By: Amr Mahmoud el-Shobaki/Al Arabiya/July 04/14

The End of the Islamic Revolution/By: Saïd Arjomand/Asharq Alawsat/July 03/14
How real is ISIS’ statehood bid in the Middle East/By: Dr. Azeem Ibrahim/Al Arabiya/July 03/14
Lend me your ears, Netanyahu says as Iran's nuclear deal looms/By: Camelia Entekhabi-Fard/Al Arabiya/July 03/14
The Western ISIS and its Second Rebirth/By: Diana Moukalled/Asharq Alawsat/ July 02/14
Terrorism on Delivery/By: Sawsan Al-Abtah/Asharq Alawsat/July 02/14
Sunnis of Iraq, between reason and fanaticism/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/July 02/14
Will ISIS grow or is it set to meet its death/By: Jamal Khashoggi /Al Arabiya/July 02/14

Is Lebanon at risk of becoming the next jihadi hub/Misbah al-Ali/The Daily Star/July 01/14
ISIS has reached Saudi Arabia’s borders/By: Abdulrahman Al-Rashed/Al Sahrq Alawsat/July 01/14
Iran seeks to appear as counterterrorism partner to the U.S./By: Raghida Dergham /Al Arabiya/July 01/14

In Jordan, ISIS hits a wall... for now/By: Dr. Theodore Karasik /Al Arabiya
Jordanian Bedouin hoist Al Qaeda flag in Ma’an - 104 km from Eilat. US, Israeli forces on the ready/DEBKAfile/June 30/14
Arabs and the Culture of Dialogue/By: Bakir Oweida/Asharq Alawsat/June 30/14
Is Maliki trustworthy or a source of concern/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 30/14
Assad sends ‘message of goodwill’ to the U.S./By: Raed Omari/Al Arabiya/June 30/14
When things fall apart in Iraq and the Levant/By: Hisham Melhem/Al Arabiya/June 29/14
Divided we stand/By: Ana Maria Luca/Now Lebanon/June 29/14
Will terrorism in Lebanon bring in a new president/By: Michael Young/Now Lebanon/June 29/14
What does the Bible say about angels/June 29/14

Why ISIS Won’t Take Baghdad/By: Jamie Dettmer/29 June/14
The War between ISIS and al-Qaeda for Supremacy of the Global Jihadist Movement/Aaron Y. Zelin/June 29/14

An era of new regional mandates in the Arab world/By: Eyad Abu Shakra/Al Arabiya/June 29/14

A War of Sectarians, Not a Sectarian War/By: Amir Taheri/Asharq Alawsat/June 28/14
Iran’s biggest challenge? To retain its strategic ‘crescent’/Dr. Majid Rafizadeh/Al Arabiya/June 28/14
ISIS has reached the border of Saudi Arabia/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 28/14
ISIS is no Hollywood Star/By: Diana Moukalled/Asharq Alawsat/June 27/14
How popular is ISIS/By: Abdulrahman Al-Rashed/Asharq Alawsat/June 27/1
DEBKAfile/As first US advisers reach Baghdad, Iranians and Saudis airlift weapons to opposing sides in Iraq/June27/14
A Century of Sykes–Picot/By: Ali Ibrahim/Asharq Al Awsat/June 27/14

Fighting ISIS starts by standing up to Maliki/By: Joyce Karam/Al Arabiya/June 27/14
A Sunni Hezbollah/By: Hanin Ghaddar/Now Lebanon/June 26/14
To Obama: Syria’s moderate opposition is the only option/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 26/14
What it takes to reconstruct Syria/By: Moataz al-Khayatt/Al Arabiya/June 26/14
How popular is ISIS/By: Abdulrahman Al-Rashed/Asharq Alawsat/June 26/14
Why Religious Freedom Matters/By David Anderson, Canadian MP for Cypress Hills – Grasslands/June 25/14
Save Syria, Iraq is already lost/By: Jamal Khashoggi/Al Arabiya/June 25/14
The case for a Ministry of Human Rights in Lebanon/By: Reina Sarkis/Al Arabiya/June 25/14

Can ISIS make real gains in Lebanon/By: Ana Maria Luca/Now Lebanon/June 24/14
What does the fall of Mosul mean/A briefing by Daniel Pipes/June 24/14
Saudi Funding of ISIS/By: Lori Plotkin Boghardt/Washington Institute/June 24/14
Maliki is a new Saddam, and its America’s fault/By: Faisal J. Abbas/Al Arabiya/June 24/14
How much support does ISIS enjoy/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 24/14

Remember lessons of first Lebanon War/By: Ron Ben-Yishai/Ynetnews/June 23/14
Chaos in the states of Iraq and Syria/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed /Al Arabiya/June 23/14
Convergence between Obama, Rowhani to pressure Maliki/By: Raghida Dergham/Al Arabiya/June 23/14

Lebanon can parry regional fragmentation/By Michael Young/The Daily Star/June 22/14
The world is watching a once-important country die slowly and very painfully/By: Hisham Melhem/Al Arabiya/ June 22/14
ISIS in Iraq is an uprising against totalitarian rule/By: Raed Omari/AlArabiya/June 22/14
Building a Base for Iraq's Counteroffensive: The Role of U.S. Security Cooperation/By: Michael Knights/Washington Institute/June 22/14
Turkey's Support for ISIS Islamist Terrorists/By: Daniel Pipes/The Washington Times/June 21/14
Maliki blames Saudi Arabia for own political failure/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 21/14
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: A supreme autocrat not a messiah/Dr. Majid Rafizadeh/Al Arabiya/June 21/14
Iraq: a joint U.S.-Iran ‘intervention’ is not the solution/By: Dr. Naser al-Tamimi/Al Arabiya/June 21/14
Political Islam and the West/By: Eyad Abu Shakra/Al Arabiya/June 21/14

Political Islam and the West/By: Eyad Abu Shakra/Asharq Alawsat/ June 20/14
Who leads global Jihad, al-Qaeda or ISIS/By: Hani Nesira, Al Arabiya Institue for Studies/June 20/14
The rise of ISIS in Iraq is a neocon’s dream/Dr. Nafeez Ahmed/Al Arabiya/June 20/14
Sectarian monster redraws Iraq map, again/By: Ramzy Baroud/Al Arabiya/June 20/14
Two Nations, Together/By: David Hale, U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon/June 19/14

The Massacre Strategy/By: Aaron Y. Zelin/Washington Institute/June 19/14
Iran Is Not an Ally in Iraq/By: Michael Singh /Wall Street Journal/June 19/14

Applaud not, Obama’s Mideast policy has failed/By: Octavia Nasr/Al Arabiya/June 18/14
Iraq Mess Due to Obama's Policies/By Walid Phares/ 17/14
Will Iran invade Iraq/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 17/14
ISIS ‘achievements’ in Iraq and Syria a gift to the Iranian negotiator/By: Raghida Dergham/Al Arabiya/June 16/14
Do the Iraq rebels belong to ISIS, the Baath party, or clans/ By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 16/14
The Syrian Brotherhood and Jarba’s Letter/By: Fayez Sara/Asharq AlAwsat/June 16/14
A Golden Opportunity for Turkey’s Kurds/By: Samir Salha/Asharq Alawsat/June 16/14

Lebanon and Syria-Iraq: who is more fragile/By: Hazem Saghieh/June 15/14
What are the heavenly crowns that believers can receive in Heaven?/June 15/14
The Iran you won’t hear about from President Rouhani/John Baird, Canada's Foreign Minister/June 15/14
ISIS Rampages, the Middle East Shakes/By Daniel Pipes/National Review Online/June 15/14
Iraq crisis caught Obama unprepared/By: Yitzhak Benhorin /Ynetnews/June 14/14
An alarm bell that violent extremists are on the rise/By David Ignatius /The Daily Star/June 14/14
The Mufti who is more Khomeinist than a Mullah/By: Amir Taheri /Asharq Alawsat/June 14/14
Iraq going down the Syrian path/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 14/14

What Mosul could mean for Obama/By Michael Young /The Daily Star/June 13/14
Is the fall of Mosul the end of Maliki/By: Anthony Franks/ASharq Al Awsat/June 12/14
It’s Maliki’s Fault/By: Abdulrahman Al-Rashed/Asharq AlAwsat/ June 13/14

Expanding Iran’s borders: the marching threat/By: Walid Phares/Al Arabiya/June 12/14
Will ISIS also seize Baghdad/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 12/14
ISIS expansions in Iraq and Syria bring Middle East to brink of chaos/By: Ron Ben-Yishai/Ynetnews/June 12/14
Is the fall of Mosul the end of Maliki/By: Anthony Franks/ASharq Al Awsat/June 12/14

Hezbollah plays a dangerous game at Lebanon’s expense/By: Khairallah Khairallah/Al Arabiya/June 11/14
Obama backs the wrong horse, again/By: Dan Calic/Ynetnews/June 11/14

An open letter to President Sisi/Faisal J. Abbas/Al Arabiya/June 10/14
Can Egypt rise with Sisi in power/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 10/14
Legend of U.S. bias to Muslim Brotherhood dispelled/By: Dr. Fahmy Howeidy/Al Arabiya/June 09/14

Lebanon’s hijacked presidency/By: Eyad Abu Shakra/Al Arabiya/ June 08/14
Do Iranians hate Arabs and Islam/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 08/14

The city-state that could/By: Hisham Melhem/Al Arabiya/June 08/14
The Turkish–Israeli Reconciliation Dossier/By: Samir Salha/Asharq Al Awsat/June 08/14
Palestinians Want Hamas In, but Want Peace Talks Too/David Pollock/Washington Institute/ June 08/14

On the presidency, look at Hezbollah/By Michael Young /The Daily Star/June 07/14
A Hizballah force reaches Quneitra crossing, halts opposite Israeli Golan deployment/DEBKAfile/June 07/14
Being the daughter of the Resistance/Hanin Ghaddar/Al Arabiya/June 07/14

Kerry in Beirut promotes US engagement with pro-Iranian Hizballah terrorists, after Hamas/DEBKAfile/June 06/14
Lebanon’s Hijacked Presidency/By: Eyad Abu Shakra/Asharq Al Awsat/June 06/14
Kerry in Lebanon: the American spectator/By: Joyce Karam/Al Arabiya/June 06/1
Religious Repression in Saudi Arabia/By: Todd Daniels/June 06/14

Sisi’s policy towards Syria/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 05/14
The media played Assad’s game in Syria/By: Chris Doyle/June 05/14
Kuwaiti Emir's Vist To Tehran: Definitely Iran must deliver/Daily Star/June 04/14
Assad's Reelection Campaign Matters -- Really/By: Andrew J. Tabler/June 04/14
A Sickness in Lebanon and Syria/By: Diana Moukalled/Asharq Alawsat/June 04/14
Has Iran prevented the Syrian regime's collapse/By: Khairallah Khairallah/Al Arabiya/June 04/14
Lebanese Patriarch’s historic visit to Israel prompts mixed sentiments/By Martin Armstrong |Al Arabiya/June 03/14
Two presidents later, Egypt gets Sisi/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 03/14
Neither a hawk nor a dove, President Obama is naïve/By: Maria Dubovikova/Al Arabiya/June 02/14

President Obama marks career with words, words, words/By: Hisham Melhem/Al Arabiya/June 01/14
The folly of General Haftar’s coup attempt in Libya/By: Jamal Khashoggi/Alarabiya/June 01/14
Pope’s pilgrimage: full of headline-grabbing moments/By: Daoud Kuttab/Al Arabiya/May 31/14
Moscow’s ‘billion-dollar deals’ to build nuke reactors in Iran/Dr. Majid Rafizadeh/Al Arabiya/May 31/14
Silent on Syria, Obama admits his failures/Brooklyn Middleton/Al Arabiya/May 31/14

Iran benefits from creative Arab chaos/By Michael Young /The Daily Star/May 30/14
Two ex-spies debate Saudi Arabia’s peace plan/By David Ignatius/The Daily Star/May 30/14
Has President Obama changed/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed /Al Arabiya/May 30/14
Mideast dialogue in need of Pope Francis’ blessing/By: Yossi Mekelberg/Al Arabiya/May 29/14
Why did Biden go to Cyprus/By: Aylin Kocaman/Asharq Alawsat/May 29/14
Assad will not hand over the last of his WMDs/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/AlArabiya/May 29/14
Obama about-turns on Syria: US military training and weapons for moderate Syrian rebels/DEBKAfile/May 28/14

The plight of Christians in the Middle East, the cradle of Christianity/Written by : HRH the Prince of Wales/ May 27/14
The future presidents of Iran and Syria/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/May 27/14
In Egypt, El-Sisi’s victory may be short-lived/By: Sarah Hynek and Andrea/May 27/14
Sisi will win Egypt’s vote, but what then/bY: H.A. Hellyer/Al Arabiya/May 27/14

Resistance…What Resistance/By: Ana Maria Luca/Now Lebanon/May 26/14
Hezbollah’s foreign origins/By: Tony Badran/Now Lebanon/May 26/14
Sisi and Assad, who will congratulate the other first/By: Raed Omari/Al Arabiya/May 26/14
Egypt's Also-Ran/By: Eric Trager/Foreign Policy/Washington Institute/May 26/14

Wrap up the nuclear deal before Ashton leaves/By: Camelia Entekhabi-Fard/Asharq Al Awsat/May 26/14
Syrian Air-Defense Capabilities and the Threat to Potential U.S. Air Operations/By: Chandler P. Atwood and Jeffrey White/Washington Insitute/May 26/14
Hezbollah's bogus Liberation & Resistance Day/By: Elias Bejjani/May 25/14
May 25/14
May 25/14
Hezbollah working with the Lebanese army leads to calm in Beirut/By: Roi Kais/Ynetnews/May 25/14
Saving Libya would save the world/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed /Al Arabiya/ May 25/14
A Middle Eastern Perfect Storm/By: Hisham Melhem/Al Arabiya/May 25/14
Vacuum might not stop at the Lebanese presidency, experts warn/By Kareem Shaheen/May 24/14

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards train a new group to fight in Syria/By: Dr. Majid Rafizadeh/Al Arabiya/May 24/14
Why Saudi-Iranian rapprochement will succeed this time/By: Abdullah Hamidaddin/Al Arabiya/May 24/14

Brace yourself for Aoun’s frustration/By Michael Young /The Daily Star/May 23/14
Lebanon spirals into an ominous presidential void/By: Joyce Karam/Al Arabiya/May 23/14
Russian protection will not save Assad/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/May 23/14
Why should we defend ‘hypocritical’ Saudi clerics/By: Badria al-Bishr/Al Arabiya/May 23/14

Lebanon's Presidential election Crisis: Time for plan B/The Daily Star/May 22/14
Opinion: Egypt’s Winds of Change/By: Ali Ibrahim/Asharq Alawsat/ May 22/14
Civil society always a target in Syria’s proxy and civil wars/By: Chris Doyle/Al Arabiya/May 22/14
Who failed Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi or the entire world/Khairallah Khairallah/Al Arabiya/May 22/14
Iraq's Election Results: Avoiding a Kurdish Split/By: Michael Knights/Washington Institute/May 22/14
Lebanon’s very own Nakba catastrophe/By: Octavia Nasr/Al Arabiya/May 21/14
The battle for power in Iraq/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/May 21/14

Lebanon's Presidency Election: All roads lead to vacuum/By Hussein Dakroub/May 20/14
Fate of Beirut’s war ruins still unclear/By: Venetia Rainey/The Daily Star/May 20/14

Of thuggish journalists and their masters/By: Hisham Melhem/AlArabiya/May 19/14
Boko Haram and the Dynamics of Denial/by Mark Durie/Frontpage Magazine/May 19/14
Palestinian Magical Thinking/by Jonathan Spyer/PJ Media/May 19/14

A third Maliki premiership would be disastrous for Iraq/By: Samir Shakir Sumaydee/Asharq Alawsat/May 19/14

What’s behind Egypt’s stance on the Syrian war/By: Eyad Abu Shakra/Asharq Alawsat/May 18/14
Egypt’s Presidential Hotseat/By: Mshari Al-Zaydi/Asharq Alawsat/May 18/14

Iran is working its way into a nuclear tangle/By: Amir Taheri/Asharq Alawsat/May 17/14
Drone wars: Iran takes on the U.S., sparking concern/By: Dr. Majid Rafizadeh/Al Arabiya/May 17/14
What’s behind the Egyptian position on Syria’s war/By: Eyad Abu Shakra/Al Sharq Alawsat/ May 16/14
Surprise Rotation of Saudi Defense Officials/By: Simon Henderson/Washington Institute/May 16/14
Saudi Arabia’s desire to negotiate with Iran/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/May 15/14
National pride, the key to getting the GCC back on track/By: Mohammed Fahad al-Harthi/Al Arabiya/May 15/14
Pakistan, Iran narrowly salvage friendship/By: Mansoor Jafar/Al Arabiya/May 15/14

The Muslim Brotherhood’s anger at Sisi’s piousness/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/May 14/14
Michel Aoun: the opportunist threatening Lebanon/By: Khairallah Khairallah/Al Arabiya/May 14/14
Anbar’s Agony/By: Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed/Asharq Alawsat/May 14/14
Homs, Syria’s Martyr/By: Michel Kilo/Asharq Alawsat/May 13/14
Muslim world should act on the Boko Haram kidnapping/By: Camelia Entekhabi-Fard/Al Arabiya/May 13/14

On hate preacher Abu Hamza’s trial/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/May 12/14
Khamenei’s Nuclear Fatwa Shows the Way Forward/By: Seyed Hossein Mousavian/May 11/14
A U.S. global strategy in search of an author/Hisham Melhem/Al Arabiya/May 11/14

D.C.'s Strategic Mistake in Iraq: Abandoning Iran's Opposition/By Walid Phares/May 10/14
How to Read Russia under Putin/ By: Amir Taheri/Asharq Alawsat/May 10/14
The U.S. faces tough choices in the future/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/May 10/14

The End of Dialogue and the Start of the Unknown/By: Eyad Abu Shakra/Asharq Al Awsat/May 09/14
Barak: US could destroy Iran's nuclear program in 'fraction of one night/By: MICHAEL WILNER/J.Post/
May 09/14
Netanyahu tells Rice: Iran must not be allowed to enrich uranium. They remained poles apart/DEBKAfile/
May 09/14

Why should U.S. arm the Syrian opposition/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/May 09/14
In the Mideast, immoral politics reign supreme/By: Octavia Nasr/AlArabiya/May 07/14
Ahmed Jarba attempts to persuade the White House/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/May 07/14

Iraq experiences an unusual election season/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/May 06/14
The Khomeinist Dome: Iran’s larger nuclear strategy/By: Walid Phares/Al Arabiya/May 05/14
It is political slander season in Egypt/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al ArabiyaMay 05/14
Strategic implications of Saudi Arabia’s military parade/By: Dr. Theodore Karasik/Al Arabiya/May 05/14
Question: Why pray? What is the point of prayer/


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