The Nationalism of Idiots
 Hazem Saghieh

Al-Hayat - 25/09/07//
 Every time that the criminals strike at a politician or journalist in Lebanon, the name Michel Aoun immediately comes to mind.
 The man, certainly, is innocent of assassination, whether in terms of implementation or planning. However, certainly, he is not innocent of producing the political circumstance that permits it, just as it permits the obstruction of political life in general. Perhaps we can say that he is the most important architect of what is happening today; it is a situation in which it is impossible to see the country lay anchor on a clear and stable political quorum that prevents murder. However, what is this Aounist phenomenon, which forms the strongest bridges connected to the murderous confusion, and how can we explain it?
 Let us say, to begin with, that it is a combination of hatred and rancor. Thus, the Aounist is one of three things:
 He hates the Lebanese Forces because of the civil war, which was crowned by the "war of elimination" (between Aoun and the LF).
 Or, he hates the Hariri family and envies them - behind them stands the Sunni community, in general, imitating the Christian sectarian model, which grew to confront the Sunni sectarian model, just as the Sunni imitation of the sectarian model arose to confront it, when the Shiites were marginalized in terms of rights and political presence.
 Or, he hates Walid Jumblatt, and behind him stands the Druze community (with the exception of Wiam Wahhab, of course), due to the War of the Mountain.
 Regardless of whether or not these feelings of hatred are justified, the coming-together of various hatreds does not make a political program. In fact, the weak political element that arises in these hatreds will quickly shrink, gradually, in favor of trouble-making and seeking vengeance. To this combination of hatred, didn't we see a very inflated ego, which doubles its personal considerations and gives them prominence, destroying anything having to do with objectivity? Needless to say, the "me" in question here is only the famous ego of the general, who behaves, when it comes to the presidency of the Republic, like a child who cares only about getting his hands on a toy!
 Between the self-obsession of Aounism and the explosive self of Aoun, a state of political stupidity is spreading, the like of which is difficult to find elsewhere. The Christian Aounists, who don't know political party work and never once approached the complexities of political life, draw up their political position in one or two expressions, which do not breed or reproduce; they are unaffected by any transformation, change or circumstance.
 As a comment on the political Lebanonization that overcame the Sunnis in Lebanon after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, the Aounists say that it's a passing event, because any transformation that happens in Syria to the benefit of the Sunnis will return Lebanese Sunnis to their old Arabism. This is an example of fortune-telling and it's inappropriate for him to call it a policy, especially since it includes transformations in the meaning of "Arabism" in its countries that have an impact on Lebanon. This is not to mention the fact that a Syrian transformation of this type might put the entire Mashreq before questions in which the positions of Lebanese sects become a passing detail. Meanwhile, the sane find it hard to believe that we can witness coexistence between this wariness about the Arabism to which the Sunnis of Lebanon might return, and an "understanding" that links the Aounists to an armed fundamentalist party like Hizbullah, which threatens the foundations of the political entity itself!
 As a commentary on the assassinations, it's said that nothing has been proven until now, while the razor is aimed at the government of victims, accused of negligence in pursuing the killers and exploiting their blood for partisan ends.
 This is how, unexpectedly, we see the use of a language of persistent, investigating judges, which is neither a trait of Aoun nor the generous discourse of Aounism. One politician after another might be killed, or one journalist after another, while the judge remains a persistent and investigating judge, who repeats the same refrain.
 A European thinker once wrote that "anti-semitism is socialism of idiots," meaning those who complain, those who have been harmed, and the exploiters who don't know the reason for their defeat, can easily blame it on "the Jews." Thus, Aounism is the nationalism of idiots, a nationalism that prompts its followers to ally with the true danger to the country against false threats… to ally with the killer, against the killed