International court of Justice committee
Action required.
By: George Khoury "A true Lebanese"
To Whom It May Concern:
I am sending this letter as a plea for the International Court of Justice to investigate the Syrian Government, for the murders of more than 200 innocent civilians execution style unarmed with their hands tied up behind their back, shot in the head numerous times by the Syrian army on Oct 13th 1990. Also for plotting the assassination of Kamal Joumblatt 1977, President elect Bashir Jemayel 1982, President elect Rene Moawad 1988, Sunni Mufti Hasan Kalids 1988 and the head of the tiger party Mr. Dani Shamoun his wife, and two kids on Oct 13, 1990. All these murders were committed for peace in Lebanon as Syria claims to have done. The current government is nothing but a puppet for the Syrian regime, and it does not represent the interest of the Lebanese people, therefore. I find myself obligated to take action for the sake of innocent people worldwide. Murder is murder no matter who does it. Killing innocent civilians, and maiming their faces so they cannot be identified is not acceptable, and should not be tolerated.
We as free people cannot allow such murders to take place anywhere in the world.  I hope my request is taking seriously and without any delays.  It is our duty to do what is right for innocent people worldwide; such atrocities cannot go unpunished for the sake of free Democracy every were in the world.
Long live the free Lebanon.
George Khoury