By:  George Khoury, "A True Lebanese"
Dear Sheik Nasrallah

I have to admire your courage and determination for forcing the Israelis out the Southern Lebanon; it was really a great day for all Lebanese.  However, don’t you think that the time has come for unity among all Lebanese as one voice against all foreign occupation? Lay down your weapons and allow the Lebanese army to take complete charge of restoring peace and order, while you as a holy man go back to preaching harmony among all Lebanese and focus on building the south with a new outlook on life.

Don’t you think the time has come for all Lebanese to realize, that no outsider is here for them, their objective is to keep us divided among each other for what serves their interest alone?   All Lebanese should stop allowing themselves to be played by others, the time has come to reunite as one and focus our energy on rebuilding our beautiful Lebanon. Leave the Iranians to Iran, leave the Syrians to Syria, and join the other side of Lebanon and be one of them, religions are for the God to figure it out, building our nation, and creating new opportunities should be the only focus for the Christians, Moslems and Druze.

Money does not buy any free people, it only enslaves them, it does not matter if it is one billion, or 10 billions. Believing in God is not about money it has to do with preaching love and harmony among one another. You can never walk with pride in your heart if your soul has been sold to others, no matter how rich you are. Money is nothing, it is not the answer, greed is one of the main causes for the world problems today. It is time for all the young man in your organization to replace the gun with a computer, it is time to look around you and realize the changes taking places around the world. It is time for Lebanon to be part of the new age of Information Technology, not hate and wars.

Violence is never the answer to any problem, Lebanon can no longer suffer for the Arabic cause. The time has come for all the Arab nations to be responsible and deal with the problem objectively. The time has come for them to take some blame for their failure policies toward their brothers and sisters. It is time for them to realize that Lebanon has no space for the Palestinians and start preparing some land for them in their own countries.  Lebanon has suffered enough for the cause, if they care so much about it than let them stop being hypocrites and take them back. Enough is enough.

What is that I keep hearing about Arabic Nationalism, if it did exist Iraq would not be in this mess today, and Kuwait would not have expelled more then 500 thousand Palestinians into Jordan. Let us be honest for once, you cannot scream Arabic Unity when it comes to Lebanon only, if they are serious about this matter than they should bare some of the burden they have caused to Lebanon, the truth hurts, but someone has to say it.

In truth Sheik, it is time for all leaders to stop playing at the cost of young kids, it is time for all Lebanese to enjoy peace and prosperity. It is time to start the war of rebuilding Lebanon, enough destruction, enough lies and deception.  Stop the blood shed, open new schools instead training camps, create opportunities and hope not hate and distrust. You are a man of God than prove it to all of us, preach harmony and love among one another, use your influence to encourage kids and improve their lives. Stop the turmoil, enough killing, violence is not the answer. Join us as one for the good of Lebanon, forget about the Syrians, they are not here for you. Look around, you don’t you see what is going on? What more prove do you need, our water is polluted, our framers going bankrupt, our schools are closing down, the young are seeking opportunities else where.

People have lost hope, what king of future is there for the new born,? Other countries seems to be leaping into the future, while we are stagnating and going into the past. Let us all work for the good of the country, enough lies, enough hypocrisy, Lebanon is calling for all of us, be on the right side. Answer the call for all the crying mothers who lost their loved ones, answer the call for all the young man who gave up their lives.

Sheik Nasrallah, Lebanon is dying what are you going to do about, hand it over to the Syrians and than what?

Long live the free Lebanon
George Khoury, "True Lebanese".