Aoun's Visit to Canada in its second day

On the second day of his visit to Canada, Prime Minister Michel Aoun started his busy schedule early at 9:00AM.
The day was a media day par excellence. PM Aoun conducted a first interview with the Lebanese weekly Al-Mustaqbal published in Montreal and distributed throughout all the Canadian provinces.
The second interview was with the other Lebanese Arabic-language weekly An-Nahar, an affiliate of the Beirut-based An-Nahar daily, which is also published in Montreal and distributed throughout Canada.
The third interview was conducted by the Lebanese Asda’ television program from the city of Toronto, and the televised interview will be broadcast shortly on the station’s next scheduled program. Prime Minister Aoun also visited the Most Reverend Maronite Monsignor Raymond Hanna of St. Charbel Church.
In conclusion to this day, Prime Minister Aoun was the focus of a festive popular gathering at the hall of St. Elias Orthodox Church in Ottawa attended by more than 1,000 supporters, including Canadian officials, Members of Parliament, and other dignitaries. Delegations from other Canadian provinces and cities (Toronto, Montreal, Windsor, and others) as well as from US cities and states (Boston, Washington DC, and others) also converged on Ottawa for this day. Many spent as long as 10 hours in the cold and icy weather of Ottawa to be able to meet the Lebanese leader who holds the promise and hope for the restoration of Lebanon’s sovereignty and the recovery of its independence. Prime Minister Michel Aoun emphasized two main subjects in his conversations and interviews today: 1. The grave and appalling situation at all levels of life in Lebanon. PM Aoun sees no security, economic, and even the moral recovery of Lebanon as long as Lebanon remains under the Syrian occupation and its puppets in power. 2. PM Aoun also discussed the Iraqi file. He reminded the Lebanese people that their priority should be peace in Lebanon, all the while insisting that Iraq must comply with UN resolutions and disarm according to the wishes of the international community. PM Aoun stated that if there will be a war in Iraq, it will take place within the next 48 hours or it will not happen.