Come Immediately
By: Ghassan Charbel

I am addressing you, because you are the president of the sole superpower despite the crises and bankruptcies; because the global village is in your hands; because you are responsible for what is taking place in its districts; because your election unleashed a strong wave of hope; and because I do not want you to lose that village.

I demand that you come immediately. Do not claim you are too busy.  Do not say you are grappling with the files of the global financial crisis. Or busy convincing the Chinese giant to take part in the bailout plan. Or busy restoring relations with Vladimir Putin's country that mounted a May 7-like incursion of Georgia. Do not say you are busy with the withdrawal from Iraq and the restitution of the situation in Afghanistan. With the war on terror and the prevention of nuclear proliferation. Do not try to convince me that the greenhouse effect is taking up all your efforts and time.

I am addressing you because the matter is serious and requires your intervention. The land of the cedars is going through a real plight. Come immediately with your advisors. You must intervene. Do not try to lay the burden on the Security Council. What we need is your personal intervention and smart touch.

Come immediately. If it is impossible for you to stay in Beirut, then let your office be on an aircraft carrier nearby. You'd be able to summon files, parties, and witnesses to that office. We do not hide from you that the battle of ballots has gone too far. That the test of power between Ain al-Tineh and the Serail has reached the point of no return. That the state of institutions has entered a very long phase - where "what you see is what you get." That Nabih Berri insists on ruining Fouad Siniora's future.  And that the crisis has turned into a test among positions and that sectarian talk is talking place behind the scenes.

I know I am pushing you towards endless tunnels. And that the file of the Council of the South will lead you to the Displaced Fund then to the Higher Relief Commission.  I know you will see horrifying things and you will endure the worst while trying to track credits and assistance. But we need you to find us a solution so that we do not remain without a budget until the next century.

I won't hide from you that the greenhouse effect is much lighter than the electoral effect in Lebanon. If you were to look through a telescope, you'd see the drooling saliva of wannabe politicians flowing like a river. The people is ambitious and takes initiatives.  Anyone who has a tie wants to become a deputy. The March 14 movement is embarrassed with the flow of candidates. So is the March 8 movement. The insistence of such a large number of young people to enter parliamentary life causes severe pain to political forces and the country.

Yours is a hard task. Lebanese democracy is firmly established. And yet, this increasing tendency to dialogue with the others through sticks and knives poses questions about the upcoming elections. You must provide guarantees without hurting the feelings of the Lebanese who have categorically refused any foreign meddling in their domestic affairs. They do not appreciate the interference of envoys, ambassadors, and consuls. They are a sweet and dreadful people.
You can help the fledgling Lebanese democracy threatened by asphalt, greed, gluttony, bribery, as well as in-kind and food donations. I have no doubt that you will be heard. The Lebanese is only convinced by external advice, which is often free from any interest.

You can for example meet with former MP Ghattas Khoury and convince him that serving the nation is not contingent upon a parliamentary seat. And that staying away from Parliament sometimes helps redress representation. Incidentally, he is an amiable and sensible man. You can meet with president Amine Gemayel and convince him that it takes two to tango. And that dancing with Dr. Samir Geagea requires mutual sacrifices. You can meet with MP Walid Jumblatt and convince him to leave a seat for Talal Arslan unconditionally.    

Do not believe reports to the effect that General Michel Aoun has established a banned facility in Rabieh. That he continues to "enrich" tensions on the Lebanese scene and imports more centrifuges. That he is happy to be part of the defiance axis with Ahmadinejad and Chavez. Necessity lifts prohibition. I know the man and I love him. May God forgive me.

You must understand General Aoun's situation. He wakes up early and goes out on his balcony. But what good is the chirping of birds in a difficult situation. He remembers that the master of the palace has not yet celebrated his first anniversary. That it will be a long and bitter waiting. He remembers that Patriarch Sfeir has awakened in Bkerke and might be slated to address the benefits of the centrist bloc and the qualities of the independent candidates. He remembers that Geagea might have awakened in Maarab and is getting ready for refutation. Both men are linked by an old and intense love.

Listen to the General and you'll understand his fears. He believes that Aounism is the object of a global conspiracy, as he said. He believes that the Future movement will bring in aliens to vote against MP Nabil Nicolas in Metn. He also believes that those same aliens will vote for Mansour el Bonn in Keserwan and Nazem Khoury in Jbeil, and against Elias Skaff in Zahleh. You can pledge the use of Owax aircraft against the aliens. The General is not at his best. Be honest with him. Advise him to kick out his advisors. I believe he will be better when they're gone.

Leave everything and dedicate yourself to the land of the cedars. If you do not, the situation will get worse, and after the Taef and the Doha agreements, we will spend our future according to the Mogadishu agreement. Come immediately

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