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YEAR 2008
Palestinian Refugees´ Future is not in Lebanon. By:Joseph Hitti 30/11/08
Life After Death: 25 Years Ago. By: Dr. Joseph Hitti/ 22/10/08
US Elections and Lebanon: Why I Will No Longer Vote for McCain. By: Joseph Hitti 06/10/08
Lebanon's Two Michels: Deliver or Lose. By: Dr. Joseph Hitti 05/09/08
Shame on the Lebanese Government. By: Joseph Hitti July 15, 2008
Siniora: Anti-Hezbollah and an Israeli Agent too.By: Joseph Hitti 10/07/08
Lebanon: Inherited Consensual Democracy and Rule of the Mafia Princes. By: Joseph Hitti 24/05/08
Beirut is Burning: La Vida Loca.Dr. Joseph Hitti.May 07, 2008
Lebanon: The Arab Village Idiot. Dr. Joseph Hitti  April 19, 2008
The Independent and Sovereign Freedom to be Dumb. By: Joseph Hitti. January 09/08

YEAR 2007
UN Resolutions Not Enough to Save Lebanon.Joseph Hitti.December 13, 2007
From General to General: Lebanon in Perpetual Crisis. By: Joseph Hitti.December 3, 2007
The Oxymoronic Lebanese Democracy. By: Joseph Hitti. November 29/07
Musical Chairs in Lebanon: Shiites, Maronites and Sunnis.By: Joseph Hitti. November 26/07
Lebanon’s Presidential Election: The Calamities of Consensus. By: Dr. Joseph Hitti. November 20/07
On the occasion of the 24th commemoration of the bombing of the US Marines Barracks in Beirut (October 23, 1983) by Hezbollah,
Life After Death. By: By: Joseph Hitti. New England Americans for Lebanon. October 23/07
Donor Countries: Re-settle the Refugees, Don’t Rebuild Nahr Al-Bared. By:  Joseph Hitti.September 12/07
Saniora's Betraying Idiocy. By: Joseph Hitti. September 12/07
No Permanent Settlement in Lebanon: Palestinian Refugees Must Redistribute to Other Countries. By:
 Joseph Hitti. July 1/07
Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has Honor. By: Joseph Hitti. June 1/07

Nasrallah’s Threats to the Lebanese Army: What will Aoun do? Joseph Hitti. May 26, 2007
Palestinian Refugees Are Not Lebanon's Problem. By: Joseph Hitti. May 24
General Aoun: If politics is not the purview of the Maronite Bishops, shouldn’t Hassan Nasrallah and Naim Qassem also go back to their mosque. By: Joseph Hitti. May 20/07
FPM-Hezbollah: Divorce for Irreconcilable Differences.By: Joseph Hitti. May 17/07
 Oui to a Chapter 7 Mandate. By: Joseph Hitti. March 05/07

Hostages: Tehran 2007 and Beirut 1987/By: Joseph Hitti/ April 1/07
Lebanon and Dubai. By: Joseph Hitti.March 12, 2007
Lebanon’s Hezbollah Zinger.By: Dr. Joseph Hitti 08.02.07
Call For Help From Joseph Hitti 13/01/07

YEAR 2006
Ahmadinejad’s Threats: Will Hezbollah be the Executor? By: Joseph Hitti 25.12.06
Waiting for Godot in Beirut. By: Joseph Hitti 12/12/06
An Uneasy Feeling. By: Joseph Hitti 30.11.06
Lebanon: Quo Vadis with this History? September 30/06
Why and How Resolution 1701 Will Fail.  August 16/06
Third Update:What the Lebanese really think of Hezbollah, but are afraid to say?August 13/06
1,000 Deaths and Lebanon 20 Years Back in the Stone Age: Hezbollah has Failed! By: Joseph Hitti-August 12/06
Thank you Hezbollah. By: Dr. Joseph Hitti August 5/06
Qana II: Will Hezbollah Ever Learn?  July 30/2006
Dr. Joseph Hitti, President for The New England Americans for Lebanon (NEAL) addresses the unfolding current events in Lebanon/14.07.07
The Shebaa Farms Revisited.By: Dr. Joseph Hitti
Lebanon: A Solution in the Making-By: Dr. Joseph Hitti July 21/2006
The Price of the Coexistence of War and Peace in Lebanon. By: Dr. Joseph Hitti July 16 /2006
Dr. Joseph Hitti severes the New England Americans for Lebanon (NEAL) with the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) 18.6.06
Hezbollah, the Unsinkable Titanic? Think again 9/06/06
Lebanon, Hezbollah and the Upcoming US-Iran Confrontation 11.4.06
The man they all love to hate. By: Joseph Hitti.12.03.06
Resistance: A Case of Stunted Development. 31.12.05
English version of the Memorandum of Understanding between the FPM and HEZBOLLAH -Translated by: Dr: Joseph Hitti 9.2.06
(Arab culture 'under attack from West in name of democracy, By Adnan El-Ghoul - Daily Star 31.12.05)
Vielen Dank, Angela! 23/2005
Plus ça change.  27.11.05
General Aoun in Boston -NEAL English report & Dr. Joseph Hitti's address 24.11.05
redbul.gif (925 bytes)We Are Tired of Your Orientalism   14.4.05
redbul.gif (925 bytes)
From Syria With Love: The Children of Ghabey.  9.4.05
redbul.gif (925 bytes)My Heroes of Downtown Beirut.   28.2.05
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Expatriates Vote is Antidote to Phony Syrian - Run Elections In Lebanon (E). 6.2.05
redbul.gif (925 bytes)I Want to Vote in May: The (Denied) Right to Vote for Lebanese Expatriates (E). 30.1.05
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Release the Lebanese Detainees in Syria Now!  17.1.05

YEAR 2004
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Arafat, Damour and the Failure of Arab Nationalism 11/11/04
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Scenarios: One Outcome  20.10.04
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The Lessons of UNSCR 1559 )  9.9.04
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The Times they are-a-Changing!   28/8/04
redbul.gif (925 bytes)
Farid Abboud: A man of little character
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Past and Present History. 20/1/04
redbul.gif (925 bytes)
To the Women of Lebanon. 8.1.04

EAR 2003
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The Threats that Could: Assad Now Wants Peace! 11/12/03

redbul.gif (925 bytes)Life After Death 23/10.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The Party in Beirut and Priced Bribes.  7/8/03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The Criminals of the Iraqi Baath, the Syrian Regime, and the Innocence of Children.
By: Daoud Al Basri. Translated from Arabic by Nabil Khoury & Joseph Hitti (English) 15.6.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Canada Bans Travel . By: Fr. Joseph Hitti 7.6.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Darrell Issa: Shifting Focus to Economic Incentives. By: Rosanna Bou-Mounsef 
(Translated from Arabic by Joseph Hitti)

redbul.gif (925 bytes)The Kurds of Lebanon, part two (English) By: Joseph Hitti and Abdul Karim Meho 29.5.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The Children of Lebanon. 14/5/03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The Kurds of Lebanon (English). By Dr. Joseph Hitti & Abdul Karim Meho 14.4.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Lone Rangers 27.3.03

redbul.gif (925 bytes)History and Fate.  1/3/03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The Real Case for War 16.2.03

redbul.gif (925 bytes)Open Letter to Citizens of the West .Dr. Elie Haddad (translated from French by Joseph Hitti) 7.2.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)A Letter to Syrian President Bashar Assad   30.1.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Marhaba Lubnan presents a conversation on Lebanon & the Middle East with Dr. Joseph Hitti (English) 29.1.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Letter to the Boston Glob.  8.1.03
(click here to read the editorial Mr. Hitti is responding)

YEAR 2002
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The War for Democracy in the Middle East. 24/12/02
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The US Republican Revolution and Lebanon.  21.11.02

المقالات الدكتور حتى بالعربية
الذكرى 24 لتفجير ثكنات المارينز في بيروت/الحياة بعد الموت/بقلم جوزيف حتي/24 تشرين الأول/07

ورقات التفاهم وعرقات جدّي/ بقلم جوزيف حتي/11 شباط/07
شعب، البياخد امو بيصير عمو/بقلم د. جوزيف حتي 18 أيار/06
لبنان: حزب الله والمواجهة المقبلة بين الولايات المتحدة وإيران 11 نيسان/06


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