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Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) English Editorials

For Year 2008
A Retarded Humanity continues to obliterate Mother Earth. By: Charles Jalkh  August 14/08
The Best Defense Strategy for Lebanon is a Peace Treaty with Israel. By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) 12/08/08
Michel Aoun Falsifies History for the thousand’s time. By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) 10/08/08
No Confidence in the Hezbollah-dominated Lebanese Cabinet. By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) 05/08/08
March 14 - a Rose in the Heart. By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) July 24/08
March 14 Lebanese Coalition Falls and Lebanon is again under OccupationBy: By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) 18/07/08
Celebration of Savagery. By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) 17/07/08
Born into the Bondage of Civilization.By: Charles Jalkh/Freedom Fighter. January 02/08

For Year 2007
A Roadmap for Free Lebanon in 2008/part 1/By: Charles Jalkh/Freedom Fighter/30/12/07
No Honor, Sacrifice, or Loyalty in General Michel Sleiman candidacy.By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter).December 01/07
The Rejectionist Front Catastrophic Victories. By: Charles Jalkh/Freedom Fighter.November 12/07
From Jesus to Judas/ By: Charles Jalkh/Freedom Fighter. October 8/07
Five birds with one stone. By: Charles Jalkh/Freedom Fighter. October 4/07
Lebanon’s Partition may be a good interim solution. By: Charles Jalkh.(Freedom Fighter) August 30/07
The Shortest Path to an Independent Palestine.By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter).March 19/07
The Rewards of Peace with Israel. By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) 07/03/07
The New “Grand Liban". By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter).February 27/07
February 14 and the Rebirth of Free Lebanon. By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) 05/02/07

For Year 2006
A Syrian war disguised as a Hezbollah Coup d’Etat‎. 
By: Charles Jalkh  December 6/2006
The Real Power Shift of Taef. By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter)October 27/06
The Rise and Fall of Michel Aoun.By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) October 22/06

The Partition of Iraq into 4 States is a viable solution. By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter)October 6/06 
Hassan Nassrallah’s knowledge of God . By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) September 24/06
Redefining Sykes-Picot: Le Petit Liban.By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter. September 18/06
Lebanon needs an Immediate Peace Treaty with Israel.By: Charles Jalkh  01.08.06
Beyond the Disarmament of Hezbollah.By Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) August 15\4/06
The Axis of Evil war against Lebanon. By Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) 12/08/06

The Lebanese Sovereign Current. By Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) 10.08.06
The Birth Pains of Lebanon’s Third Republic. By. Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter) - July 23/2006
This is the final surgery to extract the cancer ‎named Hezbollah from our homeland, Lebanon. By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter). July 21.06

For Year 2005
Un-Christian. By: Charles Jalkh 18.8.05
Israel is the Alternate Trade Route.By: Freedom Fighter 13.7.05
A Case for a Quick Peace treaty with Israel. By: Freedom Fighter 28.3.05
How to Disarm Hezbollah. 23.3.05
Hezbollah; a Rebel with No Cause 11.3.05
Hezbollah’s Syrian Demonstration in Beirut. 9.3.05
The Syrian Dictatorship Must be Crushed. 6.3.05
All Stop until Full Syrian Withdrawal.  2.3.05
The Lebanese Are Unstoppable.  28.2.05
Six Historical Actions in One Day.  26.2.05
The Syrian Baath regime has Dug its Grave. 17.2.05

For Year 2001 & 2002
The Iraqi and Syrian Dictatorships deserve to die. 1.10.02
Ali Baba’s Den of Thieves (English).  26.3.02
Who lost Palestine By: Freedom Fighter.  23/12/01
The Syrian Dictatorship Should be Next  21/12/01
Today, We Are All Americans 6/11/01
We Pity the Collaborators  3.9.01
Lebanon’s Chowchesko 20.8.01
The Taef Syrian Occupation Regime  17.8.01
Shalom Israel  14.8.01
Our only vote!!  4/9/000
No, No.   9/7/2000
Syria's Ethnic Cleansing of Lebanon: 25 years later
Peace with a dictatorship is war on human rights
Witnesses to falsehood
Honor the noble you own him, Honor the thug, he rebels
Peace with the Syrian Dictatorship
No peace without a free Lebanon
The dirty hands
Murder of a nation, Birth of a Nation
Wake up
A government that murders its own economy
US National Guards bomb Philadelphia: 200 killed

Editorial Published between 1990-2000
No Spring Without Freedom
Towards a New Middle East
For A Lebanese Syrian Track: Face To Face
Life Conquers Death
Human Beings Are Assets, Not Liabilities
New World Order Or New Rome?
Irrationality of New World Order
A Freedom Song
An Open Letter to H.E. PM Ehud Barak
We believe in Lebanon
Arab Decadence
Cain & Cain
Requirements of Peace: Democracy and Market Economy
Self Help
Occalan Death Sentence; A Message to all Assad's Allies
Syrian Lies and Fallacies
True Friendship
The Liberation of France could not wait, Why should Lebanon’s?
The Beast
The New Republic
People Of Earth
The First Republic Economic Miracle
The Syrian Dark Age
Sold For a Few Dollars
Syria Is Responsible
The Butcher Of Damascus
Death of Democracy
Economic Boycott Of Syria

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